2020 Innovation Award Winners

ISA Sign Expo 2020 Innovation Award Winners

The ISA International Sign Expo Innovation Awards recognize and honor the leaders in the sign, graphics and visual communications industry for creating new and innovative products. ISA Sign Expo’s media partners have determined a winner for each of the following categories (category descriptions):

Business Software/Solutions

Signalytix Dashboard Software

The Signalytix Dashboard is an industry-first software application for the management and tracking of signage programs which serves as an easy-to-access, web-based platform for national sign companies and their clients. Sign companies can securely store documents and photos, map entire programs, manage warranty and contact information, track capital and maintenance costs, and view maintenance history for all signs. Clients can schedule maintenance conveniently through our app, communicate with their signage provider and maintenance company, view cost and maintenance reports, and access relevant sign documents and completion photos at any time. Enhance your client’s experience while differentiating yourself from the competition with the Signalytix Dashboard.

Digital Displays

Cirrus Systems, Inc.
Cirrus LED BladeM Module

The BladeM LED display module is manufactured in Portsmouth, NH on arguably the most advanced SMT Line in North America. Using advanced robotics and lean manufacturing practices, the BladeM is made without a single wire, with nothing to corrode, detach or degrade over time. Each module has an embedded high-speed microprocessor that has unparalleled control over every single LED, driver, firmware and other electronics within the module. Each module can report its own health from multiple data points which include temperature, electrical, data packet distribution, connectivity, firmware version, response time and outages. It also has artificial intelligence to protect itself and even self-heal; this is an industry first. Our modules are solid-state technology at its best, with not a single fan, wire or moving part that can fail. Using premium LEDs that are cool to the touch, industrial-grade heat-sinks and most importantly, advanced electrical engineering and layout, even the backs of the heatsink generate hardly any heat. Premium components and design equal a rock-solid display for any environment. All this technology is wrapped up into customer and tech support portals to visualize the heath of every single module, across 1000’s of screens in real-time.


OmniPrint International
Direct Ink GamutPlus Inks

Direct Ink GamutPlus Inks are the revolutionary DTG inks by OmniPrint International, best known for successfully printing directly on 100% dark polyester and blends in addition to cotton garments using the award-winning FreeJet 330TX Plus DTG Printer. The GamutPlus CMYKW ink set allows for impressive print results featuring vibrant color and solid white ink on both light and dark cotton to poly garments. Bring any image to life directly on garments with Direct Ink GamutPlus Inks, powered by OmniPrint’s award-winning technology.

Lighting and Lighting Components

SALLE – Solar Adaptive LED Lighting Equipment

SALLE is a power management control system by which signs or lights can be powered via solar energy. SALLE combines energy collection by solar panels, storage of that energy in batteries, and then directs that energy to the sign/light at the appropriate time by utilizing a time clock and/or photocell. Additionally, SALLE senses battery status and automatically switches between the dual battery banks to insure constant illumination of the sign or lighting system being operated and maximum life from the battery components.

Media & Substrates

Johnson Plastics Plus
LaserMax Tri-Layer

LaserMax Tri-Layer is a new, innovative engravable sheet material from Rowmark. Featuring two laser or rotary engravable cap layers, LaserMax Tri-Layer gives customers the ability to make three color engravable signage without the need for secondary processes like painting, backfilling, or additional lamination. Available five color combinations, including popular safety and warning sign colors, LaserMax Tri-Layer is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.


HP Inc.
HP Latex R Printer Series

The HP Latex R Printer Series is not only the first of its kind hybrid printer but has many unique characteristics. First, it contains white ink – the glossiest white with high opacity that resists yellowing over time. In addition, the white ink automatic recirculation and offline printhead rotating chamber removes waste between print jobs and eliminates manual purging saving costs. Productivity increases are driven by multi-board printing, assisted loading, and advanced queuing. Automatic maintenance and smart tools enable fast diagnosis and issue resolution to maximize uptime and, maintaining control of production and costs are aided by HP PrintOS Print Beat software tools.

Production Technologies

FlashForge USA
FlashForge AD1 Channel Letter 3D Printer

FlashForge AD1 combines with 3D printing technology to allow businesses producing channel letters like never before. By switching to the use of FlashForge AD1 for channl letter production, your business will save at least 30% of time spent. No specialty 3D printer operator is needed. Anyone can learn and operate FlashForge AD1 with ease. All materials used to produce channel letters with FlashForge AD1 are weatherproof. These materials are able to withstand harsh weather conditions (-20C or -4F to 50C or 122F) and all are resistant to UV, water, and corrosion.


Brink’s Mfg/Van Ladder
Chariot Bucket

The Chariot Bucket is an aerial basket with a rounded front and a rotating fork system, allowing an installer to square-up the sign to a wall with hands-free access to their work. The Chariot features upper forks for raceway signs, and lower forks for cabinet signs and large channel letters. It also features a number of helpful accessories, including pattern arms for hanging channel letter patterns, a face bar, and a banner spindle.

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