Two Things to Invest in Now

Two Things to Invest in Now

When the stock market turns uncertain, strategic advisors usually recommend investing—and for good reason. There are bargains that the uncertainty creates, as well as opportunities to strategically rethink your portfolio.

Could it be that the same is true for investing in yourself and your company?

Consider the benefits of investing in these three areas:


When the pandemic shut down the global economy, some products that manufacturers had been developing for decades were overlooked. And yet, those same innovations remain available for companies willing to invest. That may mean a new printer, where the industry has moved forward with speed, size and quality. Or maybe it’s a new substrate, where durability has dramatically improved. Maybe it’s a new longer-life or easier to install LED. As Forbes put it: “Status quo is the easiest path during times of economic uncertainty. But many businesses that plan to stand still right now will end up backsliding.”

New Opportunities

The pandemic has rebalanced what companies—including your customers—need. Who would have thought that there would be such a tremendous demand for floor clings? Or for signs that remind people to wear a mask or tell them where to collect their groceries they ordered online.

Another Forbes article described it this way: “Prior to the pandemic, it was possible to ignore the inefficiencies that resulted from our imperfect systems because the conditions under which they’d arisen remained static; it was possible for our businesses to grow without being all that efficient.”

That’s no longer the case. But here’s the upside: your customers are looking for those same efficiencies. And if you can extend into related areas, where you are a one-stop-shop, they will reward you with more business.

Fast Company described it this way: “Right now, considering all that’s happening in the world, what do they need in order to be successful? How can you better help facilitate their wants and needs—not necessarily by doing what you’ve always done, but by considering a new and different way of providing your product or service?”

There are opportunities for growth at every turn—if you know where to look. And the same will be true for ISA International Sign Expo® 2021. Make plans to attend, so that you can evaluate the new ways you can grow your company in 2021.