Lessons from the Cheetah: Be Ready to Pounce

Lessons from the Cheetah: Be Ready to Pounce

There has been so much talk about pivoting post-pandemic. But pivoting is not always successful. Research from Harvard Business Review finds that only about two-thirds of companies undergoing change are successful in doing so. And about 20 percent of the time, those changes actually can damage the company.

There are benefits—even as companies begin to emerge from the pandemic and related disruptions—of returning to the familiar and slowing down a little bit. The HBR article discussed how a cheetah—the fastest land animal—only pursues prey using about half of its top speed. “Scientists believe that this strategy allows the cheetah to save its strength and preserve optionality by not over-committing to a wrong direction as its prey suddenly shifts,” the authors wrote.

If attending International Sign Expo has always been on your company’s spring schedule, keep that tradition going. The time to refocus on your business—and your business future—makes sense. It’s been a challenging year and time to think, dream and explore can pay off throughout 2021.

That clearer head may provide a chance to envision a new direction for your company. And with the entire breadth of the sign, graphics and visual communications industry in one place, it may just prove the place to find that next great idea or product.

So we’re back to the cheetah, who offers another business lesson. When it is time to move, make big bold moves. “In addition to holding the mammalian speed record, the cheetah is also the champion of redirecting its body — they change speed and direction better than trained polo horses and accelerate faster than racetrack greyhounds. When a cheetah does change direction, it does so with unparalleled decisiveness and commitment, digging its non-retractable claws in while wrenching its lithe physique towards its prey.”

If you are considering new product lines to help your existing customers or ways to draw in new customers, ISA International Sign Expo® 2021’s tradeshow floor will provide the right sparks. If you are looking for ways to streamline your existing operations, the products on the tradeshow floor will show you how.

One thing is for sure: Whether staying the course or pursuing a big bold direction, ISA International Sign Expo® 2021 is the place to gather the intel, meet the exhibitors and get that spark of inspiration to move FORWARD.