Asking the Right Questions About the Right People

Asking the Right Questions About the Right People

With so much of the last few months focused on mere survival, leaders who return to the old way of doing things may be missing out on the opportunity to ask a few important questions, Gallup says.

Those questions, Gallup says are “Who are the ‘right people’, those absolutely critical to your past, current and future success?” And  “Why was there so much range in team member performance (i.e., why was your performance management system not more effective at reducing the variation)?”

Gallup researchers suggest the answers to those two questions can inform your business future, particularly if you study what “differentiates top performers to improve your business development.

Gallup has learned that successful people have a lot of unteachable ability — they have natural talent that enables them to excel in their particular role. People can learn skills, develop knowledge and gain experience, but they can’t acquire talent.”

So with those two questions in mind, it might be to rethink in which employees you see pushing your business ahead in 2021.

One of the best ways to invest in their future—and your company’s success—is by bringing them to ISA International Sign Expo 2021. Allowing those employees to develop knowledge about the sign, graphics and visual communications industry—and to use their fresh eyes to explore new products and idea—may provide a spark to move your business FORWARD in 2021.