ISA International Sign Expo 2021 – Virtual: The Prime Place to Explore Products

ISA International Sign Expo 2021 – Virtual: The Prime Place to Explore Products

The tradeshow floor has long been the best place to explore new products and options for transforming your business. At ISA International Sign Expo 2021 – Virtual, that’s still the case. There are even some advantages for attendees.

Yes, a virtual tradeshow floor takes a little more intentional exploration than an in-person one, where attendees can stumble upon something they didn’t know existed—or they didn’t know they needed—just by turning a corner. But there are some benefits to a virtual tradeshow floor at ISA International Sign Expo 2021.

Of course, the most obvious benefit is that there are no  tired legs or blistered feet from walking the aisles and aisles of products. Perhaps more importantly, though, is the freedom to visit whenever you want. The virtual tradeshow floor is open from 10 a.m. April 7 through 5 p.m. April 9 (all times ET). That is 55 hours, more than enough time to visit each exhibitor, explore their innovations—and still have time to fit in all of the other sessions and events you’d like to attend. A few different strategies to make the most of it all:

  1. Make one pass through, focusing on your existing vendors, suppliers and manufacturers. Drop by to say hello and to see what’s new. Connect with exhibitors to get your specific questions asked. If after hours work best for your initial visit, many booths will include videos that explain new products and features. Videos are played on demand, allowing you to pause, skip or fast forward.
  2. Make your second pass through focused on scoping out new products and suppliers. One of the best ways to grow business is to find an innovation that solves an existing problem or allows you to offer a new product. With so much growth and change at the supplier level in the past year, it might be time to explore new partners, or deepen relationships with existing ones.
  3. Explore the most innovative products. Many exhibitors have entered their latest products in ISA’s 2021 Innovation Awards. Check out the list of winners, posted on, in the days leading up to the event. Be sure to stop by the Innovation Awards booth where you can explore the products and vote for the most innovative. Voting occurs on the first two days, with the winner announced on the final day.
  4. Preplan your schedule. That old adage about failing to plan is planning to fail could not be truer. Check out the list of exhibitors and start planning which ones you definitely want to visit. But don’t forget to allow a little extra time to wander, too.


Sure, the virtual tradeshow floor will be missing the whir of the sounds of machinery and chatter. But with a little preplanning, the same end goal of finding that next great product or valuable partner is achievable. And yes, you can still wear your comfy shoes.