ISA Sign Expo 2021 – Virtual: Don’t Got It Alone

ISA Sign Expo 2021 – Virtual: Don’t Got It Alone

One of the biggest advantages of a virtual event like ISA Sign Expo 2021 is the ability to take the entire team. With free registration, everyone—yes, everyone—can participate this year. And your company likely will be better for it.

There is plenty of evidence that taking employees to a tradeshow can help reinvigorate them. And after the last year, everyone could use a boost. It also lets staff know that they are valued. And they bring a different viewpoint, perhaps identifying a product or opportunity that you didn’t even know your company needed.

So why not sign up everyone on the team to participate in some way? Not everyone has to be at the event every minute of every day. But with a plan in place and an end goal in mind, it can prove to be well worth the investment of time.

  1. Start with a plan. Let each team member know that they are welcome to attend. Have them look through the education schedule for topics of interest to them. But also look at ways they can contribute to your future direction. Considering adding a new product line in the future? Send teams to check out education and products related to that.

    Work with each individual staff member to balance your needs with their interests—and the work that needs to get done outside of the event. If your staff is too large for a company leader to do customized plans for each team member, bring in other leadership to help. Set broad goals, hear from employees and create a targeted list of what everyone is attending.

  1. Make sure they know what is expected. To fully benefit from an event like ISA Sign Expo 2021 – Virtual, you will want to have some type of debrief post-event. Give the staff a list of questions that you’ll be asking, so they can take notes along the way. Questions might include:
    • What is one idea you learned that we should implement immediately?
    • What products did you see that could solve a problem or grow our business?
    • Who did you meet who might be worth learning more about? This could be a speaker, manufacturer or potential new hire.
  1. Plan to debrief—and perhaps more than once. If you have tasked some of your team with exploring new product ideas on the tradeshow floor, debrief at the end of each day. What did they find that was worth pursuing? This gives time for others to bring their questions to the vendors.

    You may want to debrief on education sessions and solution showcases quickly, too. Discussing what you’ve learned will help you recall the information later.

    Then set up a larger time for the entire group to come together and share what they learned. Again, depending upon staff size, this might need to be done in teams or work groups. But find a way to share everything throughout the company, perhaps even posting some of the greatest takeaways in a company newsletter or intranet.

ISA Sign Expo is always about learning; now it can include your entire team!