ISA International Sign Expo 2022

Georgia World
Congress Center

2022 Multi-Level & Covered Booth Request Form

Please complete this form by Friday, February 25, 2022

Covered or roofed areas should be furnished with acceptable battery-powered smoke detectors that emit alarms audible outside of the enclosed or covered area.
The exhibitor will provide for a Fire Watch within the booth space. Personnel providing Fire Watch services must be supplied with a Class 2A10BC Fire Extinguisher in each enclosed area covered by the floor above. Personnel must be trained in the use of extinguishers.
Spiral stairways are not recommended for areas occupied by the public, visitors, or clientele, unless specifically approved.
Exhibit booth plans must be reviewed by the Fire Marshal for approval at a fee of $250/booth. Submit exhibit booth plans with a licensed structural engineer’s stamp of certification and a completed Credit Card Authorization Form to the Georgia World Congress Center Authority Event Coordinator/Manager for review a minimum of sixty (60) days before move in. Charges are applied prior to submitting to the Fire Marshal. 
The upper deck of multilevel exhibits greater than 300 square feet in area shall have at least two remote means of egress.
Areas within the exhibit booth that are totally enclosed (i.e., walls and roof/ceiling) must be served by an emergency lighting source (i.e., battery-powered) when such areas lead to exit access from the space (e.g., stairs, aisles, corridors, ramps and passageways leading to an exit from the booth space). Enclosed areas of the booth greater than 300 square feet shall have at least two remote means of egress.