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ISA International Sign Expo® 2019 WAS A HUGE SUCCESS - AND WE OWE IT ALL TO YOU!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Without all of the amazing professionals in the sign, graphics, print and visual communications industry, we would not have had such a successful ISA International Sign Expo® in Las Vegas, NV last week.

Seth Thank You

There were so many wonderful moments, but instead of making this a 50-page essay :-), we wanted to highlight our top 4 memorable moments from ISA Sign Expo® 2019. Check them out below!

Over 20,600 sign, graphics, print and visual communications industry professionals converged at ISA Sign Expo® 2019!
How awesome is that!? That means that professionals from all facets of the industry were able to come together, share best practices with one another, learn about the latest trends from our education courses (on and off the tradeshow floor), and meet with nearly 600 vendors looking to help them succeed in their business. THAT'S how you unite the industry!

Friday Photos

Speaking of vendors...

Nearly 600 vendors showcased innovative and cutting-edge products/services - and they were pretty cool AND business-changing.
From digital business cards, to a new print & cut printer, to a holographic-like digital sign, there was something for everyone at this year's show.


And an extended congratulations to the 2019 Innovation Award Winners & Nominees! Their products were on display on the the tradeshow floor, and was even more fascinating to learn about the features and impact their products have on the industry straight from the experts.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention...

200 women participated in the inaugural Women Leading the Industry session, The Female Leader: Passion, Empowerment and Confidence.
That means 200 women came together to discuss the challenges they've faced in the industry, how they overcame those challenges, and shared ways on advancing to higher career levels within their own companies, as well as the industry in general. #Solidarity

Wli Photos

And last, but certainly not least...

Participation in our inaugural ISA Wrap Experience was out-of-this-world incredible!
Nearly 100 industry professionals varying in their level of wrapping skills were instructed by wrap industry professionals for the opportunity to 1) enhance and/or learn how to be a professional wrapper, and 2) win daily prizes. Everyone was a winner in our eyes!

Isawrapexperience Photos

We're positive we missed even more incredible moments from last week's show. What were your favorite moments? Share them with us on our social channels using #SignExpo so we can make this list even longer!

Till next year!

See You Next Year

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