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Massavit 3D Picks Their Favorite Sign Expo Education Sessions

The Massivit 3D team (Booth 629) is not only signing up ISA Sign Expo® attendees for their own live, 3D printing demo, but Massavit’s Ira Somers has picked six must-see ISA Sign Expo® education sessions for his personal recommendation. He chose from both regular and Lounge and Learn sessions, all of which are free with registration. Here is a list of his suggestions with quotes from his reasons:

  1. The Four Keys To Sales Success presented by Bill Farquharson (This seminar is “helpful to the novice salesperson as well as the seasoned vet.”).
  2. Optimizing Face Sign Brightness presented by Matthew McConnell (McConnell understands “what works . . . and what works better.”) .
  3. Promoting and Selling Beyond Signage presented by Thomas Giglio (“You’ll hear how to develop a good/better/best strategy and how to multiply your sales efforts.”).
  4. 3D for the Signage & Display Industry presented by Sharon Rothschild (Sharon shares “real-life case studies of wide format print service businesses who have combined 2D and 3D printing to produce stunning signage and PoS displays,” and talks about “the 6-foot tall Massivit 1800 wide-format 3D printing solution that has produced these projects.”
  5. If You See It, You Can Be It presented by Jeff Henderson (“This one is good for everybody, not just wide format printing professionals, because everybody could use some inspiration.”)
  6. What’s Next? Real World Applications for 3D Printing and the Sign Industry presented by Keith Davis (“You will walk out with a better grasp of 3D printing and the implications for the future of how we design, the way we work, and what we produce.”).

Hey, time’s a-wastin’! Sign up now for any of the great sessions offered. You don’t want to miss out.

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