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Business Solutions/Software

Durst North America
Booth 5621
Lift Software - LiftERP

LiftERP’s cloud-based software system provides a single integrated platform to run every aspect of your print business. LiftERP is focused on printing. Large format printing is our core market, but flexible enough for all printing processes and can tackle all the nuances of today's modern digital print manufacturer. Lift ERP is a fully-configurable software suite comprised of easy-to-use modules geared toward keeping your print shop running lean, efficient, and promoting your bottom-line. The key is that Lift is a different type of software company; responsive, supportive, and focused on future development based on direct feedback from our customers. The Lift team doesn’t dictate the design of the software, our customers do.

Booth 202
Kongsberg X Edge

Kongsberg X Edge from Esko is a fully upgradeable digital cutting table, offering the perfect combination of productivity, flexibility and best-in-class reliability. Designed to evolve with customers’ growing businesses, it’s incredibly versatile in terms of speed and acceleration to keep up with industry demands.  Delivering speeds of 30m/min with acceleration of 0.3G, it handles the full spectrum of display, sign and packaging materials, ideal for delivering superb quality for any job or application.
Operating in tandem, physically and digitally, with existing imaging devices it can easily integrate into a tailored workflow.

Green LED Lighting Solutions
Booth 5239

Control capability: With one controller, LEDCtrl provides a control capability up to 96 universes. User-friendly interface: LEDCtrl provides more user-friendly interface, which does not require high technical knowledge or skills to program.  Rendering creation: Rendering creation is the unique function of LEDCtrl, visualizing the practical scenes of a project.  Easier pixel-mapping: Pixel-mapping becomes easier in LEDCtrl with automatic address-assigning to universes of each hardware and click-and-drag function. Direct FX programming: Direct FX is a function in LEDCtrl providing an easy way of creating effects with a simple click.

OmniPrint International
Booth 3638
Würk Software Wurkflow Management for your Print Shop

Würk is the first-ever print business management software on the market that manages print production with a simple barcode that automates the entire order process, championing several Product of the Year awards for Automation. This software helps print business owners get a cohesive overview of their operations while simplifying the order process with a front-end website where customers can choose their own garments, upload their designs, and set up the positioning/size/margins themselves. Once the order is placed, a bar-code is generated for the user to scan and automate the printing process, increasing both production and revenue while giving the ideal overview of your printing business in one interface.

Onyx Graphics, Inc.
Booth 1717

ONYX 19 introduces the Spark Engine and DeviceLink+ to go bigger, bolder and beyond the limitations of wide-format print. Combined with the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine with support for PDF 2.0 features, new dot pattern technology, and iccMAX v5 profiling, ONYX 19 is the only solution for all wide-format print applications including soft-signage and textile.

Booth 3937
Signalytix Dashboard Software

The Signalytix Dashboard is an industry-first software application for the management and tracking of signage programs which serves as an easy-to-access, web-based platform for national sign companies and their clients. Sign companies can securely store documents and photos, map entire programs, manage warranty and contact information, track capital and maintenance costs, and view maintenance history for all signs. Clients can schedule maintenance conveniently through our app, communicate with their signage provider and maintenance company, view cost and maintenance reports, and access relevant sign documents and completion photos at any time. Enhance your client’s experience while differentiating yourself from the competition with the Signalytix Dashboard.

Booth 1555

Zeno is a multi-tool asset for wrap, print and sign shops to not only help sell wraps, but also generate more sales leads. It consists of a touch screen 4k monitor, and a custom built PC to showcase hyper-realistic colors and finishes of vinyl. Zeno simplifies the process of selecting a wrap by helping consumers visualize their ideas. The combination of high-quality realistic on-demand renders and an immersive experience leaves a lasting impression. Zeno can produce unlimited on-demand renders to present to your client, or potential clients, by showing them exactly what the final product will look like. With Zeno, there is no need to order one yard samples or to subcontract a designer.

Digital Displays

Cirrus Systems, Inc.
Booth 509
Cirrus LED BladeM Module

The BladeM LED display module is manufactured in Portsmouth, NH on arguably the most advanced SMT Line in North America. Using advanced robotics and lean manufacturing practices, the BladeM is made without a single wire.... nothing to corrode, detach or degrade over time. See the BladeM video with this link... The module is so durable, you can even shoot a hockey puck at it... no camera tricks, this video demonstrates how a puck does not leave a single mark on the display...

Cloud Touch
Booth 1317
Interactive Android Touch Screen Kiosk & Custom App Development

We provide a wide variety of large format touch screen kiosks.  All Kiosks are Android OS and feature our proprietary kiosk app that locks down each screen in a password protected kiosk mode.  Our app features auto-refresh and returns to the home screen when a user walks away and also provides a screensaver mode so it can display full screen ads and videos when the screen is sitting idle. We are an app development company at the core and we create custom interactive experiences for clients that are unlike any other digital signage companies in the market.  Some of our features include custom branded Plinko, Candy Crush, Photo Booth, Spin2Win Prize Wheel, Interactive Expo Hall Maps, Campus Maps, 3D Venue Maps, Social Media Walls, Digital Brochures and Lead Capture System with Marketing Automation.

Daktronics, Inc
Booth 1917
NPP LED video walls

Daktronics is the only LED manufacturer to offer NPP displays that are designed, developed, assembled and supported in the United States. They are available in a range of pixel pitch options: 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.9 mm, and 2.5 mm.
There are several features that makes Daktronics offering innovative: High brightness and deep contrast, Bold colors and crisp clarity, Rapid installation and simple service, Display uptime and reliable performance

Daktronics, Inc
Booth 1917
Galaxy GT6x

The new Galaxy GT6x provides bright, vibrant images through high-resolution surface mount LED technology in 10- and 8-mm pixel pitches. Take advantage of industry-leading reliability, simple installation and unparalleled service you expect from Daktronics and the Galaxy line. Control your LED sign anywhere, anytime with cloud-based Venus Control Suite software.

Shenzhen Chip Optech Co.,LTD
Booth 1348
C-Smart 6.67 LED outdoor display panel

C-Smart 6.67 LED outdoor display panel in modular compact design can help in all kinds of digital sign formats, such as pole sign, post sign, monument sign, wall sign and banner sign etc. Each panel measures 1ft by 2ft. With its c

Watchfire Signs
Booth 2306
Fremont Street Experience Canopy

Watchfire’s product for Fremont Street included perforations in modules to let daylight illuminate the street below and allow air circulation, critical for heat dispersal. High contrast materials and an innovative light trapping design make it possible to run content during the day, something that was impossible with the old design. The modules used can be trimmed to fit the canopy’s shape and are designed to handle extreme desert conditions. The canopy stayed in operation during the installation, which required running synchronously off 2 different video systems.  Watchfire created a new control system that could reliably handle playback across the 16k pixel width of the completed canopy and run the display in eight synchronized sections. The final system resides in the FSE control room with full diagnostics.


OmniPrint International
Booth 3638
Direct Ink GamutPlus Inks

Direct Ink GamutPlus Inks are the revolutionary DTG inks by OmniPrint International, best known for successfully printing directly on 100% dark polyester and blends in addition to cotton garments using the award-winning FreeJet 330TX Plus DTG Printer. The GamutPlus CMYKW ink set allows for impressive print results featuring vibrant color and solid white ink on both light and dark cotton to poly garments. Bring any image to life directly on garments with Direct Ink GamutPlus Inks, powered by OmniPrint’s award-winning technology.

Lighting & Lighting Components

Birttani Display
Booth 5532
Lucid Lightbox System

Birttani Display has created the next solution to a hassle free portable lightbox. Our existing assembly provides an easy snap together frame and the LED lighting is pre-installed into the panels. This next generation of the Lucid collection was engineered with integrated wiring where the current flows through the inside of the frame. Say goodbye to visible wiring, unwanted shadows and the worry of connecting any forgotten wires. Simply link your frame together, apply the silicone edge graphics, plug it in and you’re ready to go. This completely portable frame is a true 8’ high with the option of minimizing down to a 6.5’ POP style height. Use as a free standing frame and build multiple frames into a modular presentation.

Green LED Lighting Solutions
Booth 5239
Silicone Pixel

Special material: Product appearance is granted a matte texture and a function of self-cleaning without dusting. Liquid silicone injection: Silicone material strengthen the injection joints with the lamp strip appearance size. Copper Belt Technology: Copper belt technology design with silicone material balance heat dissipation, alleviates light decay and improves product’s lifespan. Pixel Unique Functionality: the capability of applying millions of colors on each section of product is provided by an IC chip engineered into each section, making the product programmable with many creative color effects.

Booth 3900
SALLE - Solar Adaptive LED Lighting Equipment

SALLE is a power management control system by which signs or lights can be powered via solar energy.  SALLE combines energy collection by solar panels, storage of that energy in batteries, and then directs that energy to the sign/light at the appropriate time by utilizing a time clock and/or photocell.  Additionally, SALLE senses battery status and automatically switches between the dual battery banks to insure constant illumination of the sign or lighting system being operated and maximum life from the battery components.

Media & Substrates

Booth 5300
3M(tm) Wrap Film Series 2080

Multi-layer cast vinyl adhesive backed film for solid color vehicle detailing, decoration and full wraps.  It is available in 106 colors and the gloss colors come with a protective film layer.  It is a highly conformable film for wrapping compound curves and concave areas.  This film utilizes 3M pressure-activated adhesive to minimize the initial contact area of the adhesive for easy sliding, tacking, snap-up and repositioning. The 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive technology allows air to exit through air release channels to the edge of the graphic.  Offered in 60 inch (1.52 m) rolls—allowing almost any section of the vehicle to be wrapped without seams.  The expected Performance Life (unwarranted period for film with no graphic protection, applied to a flat, vertical, outdoor surface) is 8 years (chrome is 1 year).

Can Image Media Tech
Booth 738
4WImage, Digital Wall Painting Media

We are proud to present our invention, Digital Wall Painting Media, branded as 4WImage, a breakthrough media in the field of outdoor, indoor, and branding applications. Our media is an innovative water-activated product that is eco-friendly, PVC free, self-adhesive free and weather-proof. The product was invented to eliminate all existing barriers present in the current mediums available in the market. It specifically addresses issues, such as application on any kind of plain and rough surfaces, compatibility with all ink and printing technologies, and ease of application. 4WImage is a digital wall painting media that is made in India, and has been recognised and patented in the USA, China, Japan, India, Australia, and New Zealand amongst others. 4WImage, Digital Wall Painting Media, has seamless and flexible application over rough, even, uneven and other challenging surfaces, such as, cinder wall, brick wall, wood, metal, finished or unfinished walls. Given that this technology merges with the base surface, once applied, 4WImage is virtually non-removable, non-tearable, and tamper-proof. This inturn provides a graffiti-like effect on the wall and addresses conventional problems that exist in mediums like wall painting, vinyl, flex, and paper based media. 4WImage, DWP, is available in various grades of which we are displaying grade F36M and F36G. The standard roll is 51 inches wide and is available in 50 or 100 meters in length. The media consists of proprietary coating on a release liner. It is bright white opaque, water-activated media, with a non-PVC coating. The base weight is 38 (8) GSM, and the total caliper of the media is 40 micron. The storage life of the outdoor media is 3 years, in ideal conditions.
4WImage is compatible with all printing technologies and inks, like, solvent, eco solvent, UV and latex printers. To enhance the scale of the prints, we offer media cropping that enables us to print the artwork in crops, which leads to no size barriers if that is what our client requires. Link to video of media application:

Contra Vision Ltd
Booth 3242
Contra Vision Performance™ HD Clear

Our exclusive Performance HD Clear is a high-definition 40% transparency perforated window film for inside applied one-way vision graphics. The 1mm holes are 60% smaller than standard one-way vision products. These micro-perforations allow for greater detail and finer text, making it the ideal product for graphics featuring detailed product imagery. Along with delivering the clearest and sharpest images to one side there is a noticeably improved see-through compared to standard 40% transparency film. Performance HD Clear is suitable for all ink types although white ink is required. The design is printed reverse-reading and then backed up with a layer of white ink followed by a layer of black ink. The products primary uses are for building wraps, retail promotions and fine detail prints.

General Formulations
Booth 1307
GF 108 Tedlar™ by Dupont™ Anti-Graffiti Laminate

GF 108 Tedlar™ by Dupont™ Anti-Graffiti Laminate is a clear PVF (Polyvinyl Fluoride) film. This PVF film has excellent cleanability even with harsh chemicals like MEK and Acetone with no adverse effects to the surface or the films’ performance. GF 108 should be used in applications where graphics may be exposed to vandalism, graffiti (e.g. spray paint), permanent markers, and atmospheric pollution. This film is specifically engineered to be resistant to acid rain and mildew, making the GF 108 an excellent choice for transit, bus shelters, subways, smooth side Box Trucks and general signage.

Johnson Plastics Plus
Booth 3703
LaserMax Brushed Metallic

LaserMax Brushed Metallic engravable plastic gives customer the look of real, brushed metal with the durability and easy fabrication of Rowmark engravable plastics.  Suitable for laser or rotary engraving, the LaserMax Brushed Metallic line of products is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Available in four metallic finishes and six total color combinations, LaserMax Brushed Metallics are ideal for use where traditional metal signs aren’t practical, such as natatoriums, atriums, and other high humidity environments.

Johnson Plastics Plus
Booth 3703
LaserMax Tri-Layer

LaserMax Tri-Layer is a new, innovative engravable sheet material from Rowmark.  Featuring two laser or rotary engravable cap layers, LaserMax Tri-Layer gives customers the ability to make three color engravable signage without the need for secondary processes like painting, backfilling, or additional lamination.  Available five color combinations, including popular safety and warning sign colors, LaserMax Tri-Layer is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Booth 1617
Photo Tex (S)-UP Self-adhesive polyester fabric

New upgraded Photo Tex S-UP used with all Solvent, UV and now Latex printers has improved the coating on the fabric material for outdoor use and high traffic areas.  This UPgraded coating now makes the Photo Tex S-Original water resistant, scratch resistant and wipeable.  Also the white point has been significantly improved allowing for more vivid colors.

Booth 4937
LEXAN™ Polycarbonate (PC) DP Films

SABIC’s newly introduced LEXAN™ DP Film product family consists of single-sided primed polycarbonate films specifically designed to increase adhesion of the digital ink – particularly important for durable over laminate labels and decals. Consisting of three new polycarbonate films for digital print applications, SABIC’s LEXAN™ DP8010, DP8A35 and DP8B35 offer exceptional ink registration and resolution, in addition to superior heat resistance and enhanced dimensional stability, across a wide range of materials, thicknesses, UV digital printers and ink types. The versatility of the product across multiple UV digital printers and inks and the exceptional quality characteristics set LEXAN™ DP films in a class of itself to support the emerging digital printing industry. As a leading global innovator of advanced film technology, SABIC is launching a new range of primed polycarbonate films to help the adoption of digital printing on durable signage and labels at the ISA Sign tradeshow in Las Vegas from 2 – 4 April at SABIC’s booth 4937.

Siser North America
Booth 2111
EasySubli Heat Transfer Vinyl

Want to sublimate on colors, cotton, & more? Now you can with Siser EasySubli heat transfer vinyl! This unique, matte HTV feeds directly into a sublimation printer to enable custom, full-color designs that are more cost effective than traditional wide format printers.
Although designed to work with virtually any sublimation printer, best results are achieved in conjunction with the Sawgrass SG400 or SG800 desktop sublimation printers along with the specially formulated Siser EasySubli Inks & coordinating print profile. This trio of products provides the best output with the greatest print quality & least hassle.
After printing & cutting, apply EasySubli HTV at the low temperature of 311°F. Less heat = more fabric options!
EasySubli heat transfer vinyl is even CPSIA compliant, so it’s safe for use on kid’s items.

Ultraflex Systems Inc
Booth 5311
Ultima EcoFlex

Ultima EcoFlex is a 100% PVC and phthalate free material for outdoor advertising, PoS, wall coverings, and retail displays. The light weight material can be sewn and high frequency welded and has a high tear and tensile strength. Ultima EcoFlex provides an excellent option for printers looking for a lightweight, sustainable substrate. This material is compatible for use with solvent, eco-solvent. UV, Latex and screen printing. Available in widths from 54″-196″.


CET Color
Booth 5321
K2 1000 Linear 5x10 Flatbed

CET Color, Inc K2-1000 Linear UV Printer – Cost Effective Technology
The most advanced, innovative UV Flatbed Printer in the market. The revolutionary Linear Magnetic Drive Motor system allows for print speeds up to 2800 Sq Ft per Hour. The innovative symmetrical printhead configuration of CMYK + KYMC allows the printer to produce high quality at accelerated speeds without compromising reliability. Utilizing the most advanced UV Kyocera printhead technology ensures the highest resolution vibrant colors, neutral grays and natural skin tones. Capable of printing up to 4” thick substrate and comes with Standard features that include LED curing system and Static guard kit.

Durst North America
Booth 5521
Rho 2500

The new innovative modular production printer offering from Durst, the Rho 2500 is an evolution of the Rho 1300 Series that is available in three different versions with upgrades possible at any time. All are equipped with Durst Workflow Print new production software and the monitoring tool Durst Analytics.
The Rho 2500’s new 8icoliter printheads with variodrop printing technology enables higher resolution of 1000dpi, finer printing quality with excellent sharpness and productivity up to 12,915sq.ft/h.  Starting with six head rows for the Rho 2500 S model, the Rho 2500 M comprises eight head rows and the Rho 2500 L has 10 head rows. Other options include a dual track printing mode and a stacker for ¾ or full automation.

Durst North America
Booth 5521
P5 350

The Durst P5 platform, expanded with a new hybrid printing solution, combines impressive printing quality, high productivity and efficiency with its own software solutions. The P5 350 is the all-in-one hybrid solution for flexible roll and board printing up to 3.5 meters. The printing system is equipped with energy-efficient LED technology and supplied with integrated Durst Workflow Print software and the monitoring tool Durst Analytics. The P5 350 printing system offer the highest print quality of up to 1200 dpi, multi-track 6 printing option, automatic media width and thickness detection, foldable roller tables and can be equipped with peripheral systems for ¾ automation or full automation.

HP Inc.
Booth 2700
HP STITCH S1000 Printer

The HP STITCH S1000 Printer – when the color absolutely has to match, every print from every printer, every time, everywhere. Direct to fabric or transfer printing - get the right color in all jobs with a 1200 native dpi and sharp results with our unique Drop & Dry system.  Color accuracy comes from an on-board spectrophotometer and reliable image quality comes from the Smart Nozzle Compensation system and the latest Optical Media Advance Sensor.  Confidently distribute jobs across the fleet with HP SmartColor tools for best in class color consistency and depend on HP Smart Services, user replaceable printheads, and fully automated printhead maintenance to reduce daily manual interventions.

HP Inc.
Booth 2700
HP Latex R Printer Series

The HP Latex R Printer Series is not only the first of its kind hybrid printer but has many unique characteristics.  First, it contains white ink – the glossiest white with high opacity that resists yellowing over time. In addition, the white ink automatic recirculation and offline printhead rotating chamber removes waste between print jobs and eliminates manual purging saving costs.  Productivity increases are driven by multi-board printing, assisted loading, and advanced queuing.  Automatic maintenance and smart tools enable fast diagnosis and issue resolution to maximize uptime and, maintaining control of production and costs are aided by HP PrintOS Print Beat software tools.

Mimaki US
Booth 2511
TX300P-1800 MkII

The TX300P-1800 MkII offers the ability to switch between transfer paper for dye sublimation printing or
direct-to-textile printing on one unit by attaching and detaching a vacuum platen. It can be confi gured with
not only a single ink type but also three different dual ink combinations including textile pigment/sublimation
transfer, direct sublimation/sublimation transfer, or textile pigment/direct sublimation.

Mimaki US
Booth 2511

The TS55-1800 is a water-based sublimation transfer paper model, offering new levels of quality and
productivity for digital textile printing. This printer keeps running costs low with the mini jumbo roll and 10 kg
ink supply units, which allow for unattended continuous printing. A maximum output of up to 1,453 SqFt/Hr
(135 SqM/Hr) can be achieved in four-color mode. New Sb610 inks, with fluorescent yellow and pink, provide
enhanced resolvability to improve print production yields.

Mimaki US
Booth 2511
JFX200-2513 EX

The JFX200-2513 EX Industry leading large flatbed UV-LED printer. Built upon the proven technology of Mimaki’s industry-leading flatbed printer, the JFX200-2513 EX offers
expanded capabilities with greater productivity and functionality. New features include a draft mode that
enables a maximum print speed of up to 12 boards per hour and three staggered printheads that allow for
continuous printing without sacrificing speed. Create a range of applications such as installation-ready rigid
signage, wayfinding, decorative panels, custom pieces, printing jigs and more.

Mimaki US
Booth 2511
JV300 Plus Series

JV300 Plus Series is a new model product standing as successor of "JV300 Series".
Environmental consideration, economic performance, and work efficiency have been added as "Plus" features as well as high function.

Mimaki US
Booth 2511
UCJV300 Series
UCJV UV-LED print-and-cut devices deliver an amazing array of applications that are instantly dry,
making it possible to laminate and/or cut immediately after printing for the highest efficiency in workflow.
Unique multi-layer printing produces innovative graphics for backlit applications while advanced printing
techniques and precision cutting capabilities enable delivery of complete campaigns that include signs,
posters, banners, labels, decals and more.
Meanwhile, industry leading ink performance brings the
versatility of white with the quality, stability and reliability of an original Mimaki solution

OmniPrint International
Booth 3638
Cheetah Industrial DTG Printer

The Cheetah Industrial DTG Printer is OmniPrint International’s brand new industrial DTG machine and the first of its kind, bringing OmniPrint’s signature print quality to the industrial sector. With print times at 9 seconds for light garments and 35 seconds for dark garments at print qualities up to 2400dpi, the Cheetah is a groundbreaking entry to the industrial DTG printers market. The Cheetah also implements (for the first time ever in DTG) Orange and Green inks, impressively expanding the color gamut capabilities in addition to the traditional CMYKW inks, delivered through an industrial bulk ink system for the best quality at the lowest production costs.

OmniPrint International
Booth 3638
FreeJet 330TX Plus DTG Printer

The FreeJet 330TX Plus DTG Printer is the award-winning flagship product by OmniPrint International Inc. This leading-edge machine has been making waves with its superb print quality on not only cotton, but also dark polyester and blends, a feat that is not easily achieved with other printers. In addition, this printer is equipped with a bulk ink delivery system that replaces the common, inefficient cartridge system, allowing for users to refill their inks on-demand at impressively low production costs. This printer is also equipped with a Wet Cap System that preserves the print head in cleaner for up to 30 days after use, preventing the possibility of drying or clogging during inactivity.

Roland DGA
Booth 2817
Roland Bundled LV Laser Engraver with LEF2 Flatbed Printer

The bundle of a Roland LV laser engraver and LEF2 flatbed printer is ideal for combined laser-cut and direct-print applications such as custom gifts, electronics, awards, art and fashion accessories.  
Advanced and easy to operate, multi-purpose Roland LV series laser engravers employ state-of-the-art CO2 laser technology to cut-out, engrave or mark on hundreds of different materials with incredible ease and accuracy. VersaUV LEF2 series UV flatbed printers offer high-quality printing directly onto substrates up to 4-inches thick. Bundled into a single workflow, an LV engraver and LEF2 printer allow users to cut custom shapes and direct-print on a wide variety of materials.

Roland DGA
Booth 2817
Roland DGSHAPE LD-300 Laser Decorator

Fast, easy-to-use, and safe to operate, the DGSHAPE LD-300 laser decorator is a foil imprinting machine that’s ideal for personalizing polycarbonate, acrylic, and leather items with metallized foil logos, designs and text. Users can add reflective graphics in a myriad of textures and colors onto phone covers, leather handbags, packaging and so much more. Building on the platform of its predecessor, world’s first laser decorator, the LD-300 can laser imprint at twice the speed in a maximum area of 12 in. x 9 in. Users can now expand their output to include leather items and simultaneously fulfill orders for different customers.

Roland DGA
Booth 2817
Roland Texart RT-640M Multifunction Dye-Sublimation Printer

The Roland Texart™ RT-640M is the ultimate “all-in-one” solution for soft or rigid signs, graphics, décor, apparel and custom goods. Affordable and versatile, it simplifies the production of soft-signage and textiles with a direct-to-fabric print option. It also maintains the media versatility of printing to transfer paper for the dye-sublimation of rigid signs, merchandise, and hard surfaces.  
The RT-640M allows users to print directly onto coated polyester fabrics, as well as transfer paper — using the same specially-formulated Texart SBL3 sublimation inks. It comes with ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 software, which allows users to RIP up to eight jobs simultaneously.

Vanguard Digital Printing Systems
Booth 3342

The versatility of the VK300D-HS is its most valuable asset.The VK300D-HS comes equipped with industrial Kyocera KJ4A print heads that deliver print dots as small as 3.5pl ensuring tight dot placement for vivid output on virtually any substrate up to 4” thick. You’ll have the ability to not only print everyday signage, but also wood, metal, polycarbonate, aluminum, acrylic, glass, mirror and so much more. Other features include auto height detection, one-touch pin registration, front-to-back and back-to-front printing, water cooled LED curing technology, ionization bars, 6 reversible vacuum zones and supports CMYK, Lc, Lm, W & V. The VK300D-HS is engineered to grow with your business and is field expandable up to 10 print heads via 2 print rows.

Production Technologies

Ascent Equipment
Booth 4137
Ascent TM2 Trim Machine

Ascent Equipment has introduced the industry’s first Automatic CNC Trim Machine that takes flat aluminum and turns it into a shaped channel letter trimcap.  
The process starts by taking flat aluminum, folding the aluminum to give it the signature trimcap look and then bends it into shape to fit channel letters faces. The entire process takes less than half the time of applying regular plastic trimcap. The benefit of using the TM2 trim machine is, the aluminum will not flake or fade over time and you will greatly reduce your labor by eliminating the need to form the trimcap by hand.

FlashForge USA
Booth 4928
FlashForge AD1 Channel Letter 3D Printer

FlashForge AD1 combines with 3D printing technology to allow businesses producing channel letters like never before. By switching to the use of FlashForge AD1 for channl letter production, your business will save at least 30% of time spent. No specialty 3D printer operator is needed. Anyone can learn and operate FlashForge AD1 with ease. All materials used to produce channel letters with FlashForge AD1 are weatherproof. These materials are able to withstand harsh weather conditions (-20C or -4F to 50C or 122F) and all are resistant to UV, water, and corrosion.

GCC America, Inc.
Booth 1903
GCC LaserPro S400

S400 features 140ips processing speed by DC servo motor, innovative touch panel, user-friendly interface and a modern good looking design. Together with SmartFLOW™ dust prevention technology and SmartLID™ easy access invention, S400 presents you the highest throughput and precise laser quality. GCC S400 makes all your imaginations to life at the speed of light.

OmniPrint International
Booth 3638
Direct Treater Dual Pretreatment Machine

The Direct Treater Dual Pretreatment Machine is the brand new pretreatment machine by OmniPrint, showcasing revolutionary technology for production versatility and clean, consistent spraying. Whether pretreating small jobs or large production jobs, the Direct Treater Dual enables the use of both closed and open top systems, eliminating the need to choose between single-type machines. In addition, this pretreatment machine features an easy-access top hood cover for easy maintenance of the diaphragm pump system, which allows for quiet, clean spray consistency. Pretreat with confidence using the Direct Treater Dual Pretreatment Machine by OmniPrint International Inc.

Booth 2124
ROLLSROLLER -Inventors Edition

ROLLSROLLER - Inventor Edition- fully loaded features. Such as, Two roller/glide beams, anti-static device on glide beam,
table- height adjustable, LED lighted table, cutter mounted on bed end, air blow gun and vinyl remover-option heat assist roller.

SDS Automation
Booth 3228
ChannelBender EX

The ChannelBender EX is the most robustly built entry-level channel letter bender machine available anywhere. It also offers a guaranteed trade-in value. Our lowest cost, complete solution for manufacturing both flanged and reverse channel letters. The ChannelBender EX can form, notch and flange channel letters from aluminum coil or strips from .032” to .063” in thickness and 1″ to 6″ in height. All cutting, notching and flanging is done with powerful hydraulics, not cheap pneumatics.  Versatile and reliable, the ChannelBender EX is affordable and outperforms all other competitors’ machines in combined speed, accuracy and reduction of waste.

SDS Automation
Booth 3228

ChannelSander automatically prepares coil for painting by sanding the coil surface(s) prior to being formed into channel letters. The ChannelSander can be configured to sand one side, both sides or it will let material pass through freely without touching the surface. ChannelSander works with painted or mill finish material. The integrated vacuum system removes dust prior to entering bender
It will work with any bending machine and it accepts material from 1.5″ to 10″ tall and thicknesses from .032″-.080″. The ChannelSander slashes labor costs by completely eliminating the manual sanding process while producing a more uniform finish by sanding before bending.  ROI can be achieved in as little as a few months.


Brink's Mfg/Van Ladder
Booth C17
Chariot Bucket

The Chariot Bucket is an aerial basket with a rounded front and a rotating fork system, allowing an installer to square-up the sign to a wall with hands-free access to their work. The Chariot features upper forks for raceway signs, and lower forks for cabinet signs and large channel letters. It also features a number of helpful accessories, including pattern arms for hanging channel letter patterns, a face bar, and a banner spindle.

Elliott Equipment Company
Booth C17
Elliott V60

The Elliott V60 features a 63' working height and 38' side reach and mounts on a 19,500 lb GVWR chassis.  It features material handling to 1,000 lbs.  Optional equipment includes power, air and welding leads to the platform, a jib winch that stows at the platform, radio remote controls and more.
The V60 features the latest cutting-edge technology.  This includes a touchscreen in the platform that shows current boom reach, angle and diagnostic information.  Auto-stow allows the unit to be fully retracted with the push of one button.  Outriggers are controlled via pushbutton.  Operating envelope and diagnostics can also be done remotely via Bluetooth.

Safety Speed Mfg
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DFC-H5 Vertical Panel Saw/Dust Free Substrate Cutter

Introducing the new DFC-Series from Safety Speed Manufacturing.  These revolutionary machines combine the rigid frame of the vertical panel saw with a powerful motor and an interchangeable dust free wall cutter assembly allowing sign shops to process virtually any sign making material.  Showcasing an interchangeable carriage that takes up less space, cuts material up to 1 3/4" thick, cuts multiple sheets, v-grooves and scores material, and rips sheets up to 10 feet all day long.  Combine dust and noise free cutting with a Safety Speed Vertical Panel Saw and you can cut just about any material straight and square in your shop.

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