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Pre-Conference Workshops

Join us at our Pre-Conference Workshops at ISA Sign Expo®® 2020 to dig your heels into hot topics that will boost your bottom line and make your company more profitable and efficient.**
**Event details, dates and times subject to change.

Learn critical skills for running and managing a business in today’s ever-changing, competitive environment; gain comprehensive solutions for building and expanding a wrap business; dive deep into the skills needed to lead successful project management teams; or gain an understanding of the market opportunities, top vertical markets and how to sell wide format print to new and existing customers.

Read below for more information on each pre-conference workshop.


8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
ISA-01: Business Boot Camp for Wrap Professionals by Avery Dennison
Justin Pate, The Wrap Institute
John Duever, Vinyl Images and Design
Track: Pre-Conference Workshop

It’s one thing to know how to wrap, it’s another to know how to run a business, with wrapping vehicles as a component. The wrap industry can be extremely exciting and rewarding. Equally, it can be very frustrating as it has unique business challenges that most industries do not face. This can lead to long hours, tension in the workplace, frustrated clients and financial goals not being met. The Business Boot Camp for Wrap Professionals has been designed to address these issues head on by offering comprehensive solutions combined with detailed analysis of the key aspects in a wrap shop from ownership to sales to marketing to upselling and more. The Business Boot Camp is entirely geared to create clear communication channels, facilitate growth both short and long term by streamlining workflow and increase profits. Earn a digital badge upon completion of the workshop.

8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
ISA-02: Strategic Business Management
Wayne Peterson, Black Canyon Group, Inc.

Track: Pre-Conference Workshop

What did you say?

"Amazing seminar. I came in thinking my 3-person company would be too small, but this would give me some direction for growth from a management standpoint. Boy, was I wrong! Tons of take home points that I can work on immediately, with an easily scalable model that I'm not afraid of implementing now. Thank you for the information!" - 2019 Participant in Strategic Business Management Pre-Conference Workshop

Professionals today, whether they are new or seasoned, need a solid foundation of essential skills in order to keep pace with the speed of change. This full day workshop will leave you equipped with actionable knowledge and insight you can use to lead your business through today’s ever changing environment of new competitors and challenges.

Intentional creation of a brand that’s meaningful to your target customer segments can speed revenue growth, increase customer attachment and retention, and improve pricing leverage. Learn how to meld your branding and marketing effort to your specific business strategy, understand the stages of brand development, receive the tools to assess the strength of your company brands, and leave with a plan for how to develop your own distinctive brand. In the second half of the day, learn how to build a sustainable business development process that’s scaled to the individual business enterprise. Gain the tools to tailor a business development process to your company and your specific customer segments along with a plan for implementation and the knowhow and resources to build it. Earn a digital badge upon completion of the workshop.

12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
ISA-03: Finding Success with Wide Format Print
Bill Farquharson, Aspire For

Track: Pre-Conference Workshop

Great speaker!

"Bill Farquharson. His way of communicating, the way he grabbed your attention and kept it. He presented metaphors and ways to show you how you relate to certain things. Finding relations and understanding of his presentation really allowed me to fully understand and take something away from the session." - 2019 Participant in Bill Farquharson's Presentation

Your existing customers look to you for signs, but an additional opportunity exists. Wide-format printing is one of the fastest growing segments in graphic arts. Gain an understanding of the opportunity and where the applications lie in order to take advantage and bring an additional revenue stream to your business. This half-day workshop is a must if you are considering expansion into the world of wide format. You will learn:

  • Top vertical markets and applications
  • What you need to know in order to sell wide-format
  • An effective marketing strategy
  • A plan to cross sell
  • Who to call on and what to say

Before you invest your money, invest three hours in this workshop. You'll walk away with answers to the questions you have and the answers to the questions you should be asking. Earn a digital badge upon completion of the workshop.

12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
ISA-04: Developing Exemplary Project Management Teams
Karen Vanhoy, Atlas

Track: Pre-Conference Workshop

Back again in 2020!

"I think she was the most engaging and made the session interactive. She knows the industry and has experience to back up what she talked about." - 2019 Participant in Karen Vanhoy's Presentation

Managing a successful project involves much more than managing timelines scope, cost and resources. It requires the application of strong leadership and communication skills to work effectively with people in a variety of roles and responsibilities. Successful project managers are able to create a cohesive culture and positive team environment. They also know how to guide team members through change and identify and manage team conflict. In this interactive and hands-on workshop learn how communication styles can impact projects; how to create a motivating team atmosphere; how to identify project risks; and how to minimize project threats and potential issues. Leave with the tools and resources you need to propel your team to success. Earn a digital badge upon completion of the workshop.

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