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ISA XDP Sponsorship Opportunities


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ISA has found that the community of “influencers," such as experiential graphic designers, architects, brand managers, and end user clients, is critically important to sign suppliers and fabricators. These professionals are tasked with large signage projects and can have little familiarity with sign materials or best practices. They are eager to understand the various uses of sign materials and technologies, through the ISA XDP!

Now in its eighth year, the ISA XDP brings these influencers to ISA International Sign Expo® to help them build industry expertise and relationships.

Invest in the opportunity to maximize your exposure as a company these delegates will recognize as they look for vendors to partner with for new projects. Join this business development opportunity through any of the sponsorship opportunities listed below.

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$5,000 - SOLD/$1,500

Sponsors will receive a 15 minute in-booth presentation to all 35 delegates (in groups of 7) at set appointment times during ISA Sign Expo® tradeshow hours.

Please note: This sponsorship opportunity is only available to ISA Sign Expo® 2020 exhibitors.

Sponsors will receive a full registration list from all past program years, which will include the ISA XDP participant's name, company, mailing address, and email. List will total to 300+ delegates. Sponsors will receive a full registration list, which will include the ISA XDP participant's name, company, mailing address, and email. There are 35 delegates per year. Sponsors will receive two invitations to the sponsor mix and mingle networking event at ISA Sign Expo®.

$5,000 – Premium Sponsor:

Primary sponsor of at least four (4) official ISA XDP newsletters, distributed to 6,000+ designers, architects, and brand managers, including additional product-focused messages. ISA will assist in content generation and metrics feedback.

$1,500 - Sponsors will receive company and/or product recognition in at least four (4) official ISA XDP newsletters.

Maximize your exposure and increase your potential for new business with the ISA XDP 2020.


If you have any questions, contact Emmalee Zaatar at 703.836.4015 or